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the Pipe and Tabor compendium

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Double pipes, or two pipes played at the same time, are found in sculptures, paintings, stained glass, religious manuscripts and archaeology dating back into pre-history, right up to the present day. Sometimes the two pipes are exactly the same; other images show two slightly different shapes, one playing the tune and the other a drone pipe.

It is impossible to see the mouth-piece on some of these images: some may be duct flutes, others may have single or double reeds or be trumpets. If you have information on the mouth-piece of any of these instruments I would be grateful to know.

I have not included images where it is definately not a variety of duct-flute without keys. Around 1810 an English instrument maker, William Bainbridge, patented a keyed double flageolet which consisted of two English flageolets joined together so that the player could harmonise the tunes that s/he played. Flageolets are therefore not included here.

All images are copyright If you would like more information on unacknowledged sources contact the project manager.

Greece and area

pre-history, cornelian intagio
(carved jewel)

3-2BC statue3-2BC bronze statue
  11th c mosaic, Cyprus  
19th c
former Yugoslavia

20th c dvojnice Serbia
19th century dvojnice
20th c djojnica,

20th c (drone pipe)
žveglicas, children's toys
Albania cyla-diare

and other examples from the region


Czech Republic
1910, Royal Dux, Bohemia
1320-30 Ghent, Belgium
1338-1344 Tournai, Belgium
modern dwojnica
1225-1250 Paris, France
(possibly reeded instrument)
1275-1325, Toulouse, France
14th c.Finistere, Britanny
wood carving
1415-1430, Paris, France
in Bourges
after Clondion (18thc)
after Clondion (18thc)

20th c. France
Samson copy of earlier ceramic figures

13thc Germany or Scandinavia
chess piece
20th c. Volkestedt porcelain late 18th c




400-300BC Etruscan
votive model
1st 2nd AD Roman
bronze figure
(restored pipes)
150-200AD Roman
1312 Martini painting
1395 Aretino
1447-50 Donatello
1485-95 Florence, print
1500-05 BM
1515 BM
1534-6 painting northern Italy  
1534-6 painting northern Italy
18th c ring 1700-1880 print    
c1800 akkordflute


published 1742 Rome

not known
Victorian tiles



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