the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe


Spain - Basque country 20th century


The Basque region on the borders of Spain and France have several mountain tabor pipe traditions, but the dominant form – the txistu – and the players – the txistulari – have become an expression of Basque identity. The first mention of the txistu dates from 1864.

1810 ‘description of the Town of Bilbao’ from Saunders's News-Letter - Friday 13 July 18101810
1836 Newspaper report on the Proclamation of the Constitution of Cadiz at San Sebastian:1836Sun (London) - Monday 29 August 1836

1836 in Durango 1836Morning Post - Wednesday 26 October 1836

18391839London Evening Standard - Thursday 12 September 1839

The Queen came to visit. Local people danced to the pipe and tabor. The Examiner - Saturday 16 September 1865

An old pipe found in a farmhouse in Oñatiold pipe

txirulatxirula, Horniman Museum, London

1878 newspaper report in London, England, regarding Biarritz annual event: 1878Globe - Wednesday 04 September 1878


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