the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

Pipe and 'other' gallery

[interpretaion of some of these images is not straight-forward; authorities differ in their opinions]
pipe and bones: 11th-16thc, Panama
Metropolitan Museum of Art



pipe and bones: mid 15thc, Sweden

Roman statue playing the bones


pipe and bones video

bladder pipe and bonesbladder pipe and bones
750-1550 Costa Rica750-1550 gold pendant, pipe and rattle
Costa Rica Chiriqui culture
Panamapipe and rattle: Veraguas culture
800-1540AD, Panama
pipe and rattle11th - 16th century, gold pendant
Western Panama, Veraguas-Gran
Chiriquí Style
pipe and rattle11th-16th century, Chiriqui,, gold pendant; pipe and rattle
pendant800-1200 Costa Rica gold pendant      
MayaMaya, South America MayaMaya, South America MayaMaya, South America     MayaMaya, South America; these look like flutes rather than pipes
Maya dancerMaya, South America   rattle, Mexico500 BCE-500 AD double rattle
west coast Mexico
12th century France12th century pipe and rattle
Anzy-le-Duc, France
pipe and rattle possiblypipe and rattle, possibly, Navarre, Spain recorder in one hand, rattle? in other:
1531 by Romanino, Italy
14071407 Siena, Italy pipe and triangle
1490 manuscript pipe and triangle
1500 Italy1500-1502 Lombardy, Italy

1580 angel1580 Italian handIs this castanets?
France pipe and finger cymbals
3-string lyrepipe and 3-string lyre
Christmaspipe and tambourine
pipe and park bench   2008 Project Manager2008 playing various rattles with pipe -
your project manager
harp and bellharp and bell
British Library



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