the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

England history: extant instruments

Norman bone pipe Norman

Bone whistles are the most ancient musical instruments known. Six bone whistles have been found from archaeological excavations in Exeter, all but one from Norman rubbish pits.

The whistles are made from a variety of animal and bird bones including sheep, and probably deer and swan. Some were thrown away having been broken during manufacture, while another had been well used.

Mary Rose
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18th century
made by Potter

Museum of London

aprox 1900
for Cecil Sharp
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Gloucester Folk Museum, display 2010

pipe, stick and tabor
Victorian and Albert Museum (music section now closed)
Lantern slide by Henry W Taunt (1860 - 1922).
Copyright: English Heritage.
National Monuments Record 'Merrie England' series.
Folklore VIII 1897 1800 and 1850
1953Joan Sharp's instruments donated 1953

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Please let me know if you have information about any other pipes and/or tabors used with pipes from the UK. Thanks


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