the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

England: history of the pipe and tabor

18th century makers

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early 18thc Wentworth Castle, ceiling painting

21st November 1754, London Evening Post

instruments he made: "...and greatly excels any other Maker, viz. in Bassoons, approv’d on and recommended by Mr. Millar, and other eminent Masters on that Instrument; also Hautboys to the greatest Perfection, the nearest [i.e., neatest] and best Travers or German Flutes of all Sizes, English Flutes ditto, Fifes, Tabor Pipes, Pitch Pipes, &c...."

Gedney advertisement:


29 October 1764, Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser

Among a very long list of instruments sold and services provided:

‘.....Trumpets, Tail-Pieces, Tabors, ditto Pipes, Tenors, Violins of all Prices, small Violins, Violoncellos, Welch Harps. All Musical Instruments repaired;.....’

Thorowgood advertisment

1756 Newcastle

John Hawthorn's, on the Side just below St. Nicholas's Church. Hawthorn was a clockmaker and traded in Newcastle from 1756 until his death in 1778. His advertisements, which varied little through the decades, are typical of those appearing in local newspapers:

 "JOHN HAWTHORN, CLOCK and WATCHMAKER, At the DIAL, in the HEAD of the SIDE, Newcastle, MAKES, mends, and sells all Sorts of CLOCKS and WATCHES; ... Where may be had, Music and Musical Instruments, viz. Violins, Cases and Bows for D°, Hautboys, German Flutes of all Sorts, Fifes, Flageolets, Tabor and Pipes, kolian Harps, Mock Trumpets, Pitch-pipes, French Horns, Reeds for Hautboys and Bassoons, Wire for Harpsichords, Hammers for D°, Mutes for Violins and Basses, Bridges, Pins and Nuts for D°, Music Stands, Reed Cases, rul'd Books, rul'd Paper, Mouth-Pieces for French Horns, &c. Also Books of Instruction for the above Instruments, Country Dances, Hornpipes, Minuets, a great Quantity of Music, and Songs set to Music, with great Choice of the best Roman ...."


1790 London

Preston and Son, musical instrument makers, music-printers, publishers, and dealers in second-hand musical instruments,
at their wholesale warehouses, No. 97, Strand, and Exeter 'change, London, manufacture and sell the following, with every other article in the music branch, wholesale, retail, and for exportation: Chamber organs Barrel organs Harpsichords spinnets Piano-fortes Grand piano-fortes Portable grand piano-fortes Guitairs of all prices Patent piano-forte guittars Violins of all prices Kits and small violins Tenor violins Violoncellos Viol de gambos double basses French horns Hunting horns Trumpets Kettle drums Dulcimers ¡olian and bath harps Bassoons Tenoroons, or vauxhamanes Bagpipes, Scotch or Irish German flutes, ivory, ebony, cocoa, and box, tipped or plain Patent German flutes Hautboys, tipped or plain Clarionets, ditto English flutes, ditto, all sizes Bird flutes, ditto Flagelets, ditto Fifes of all sorts, Pipes and tabors Sticcado pastorales, or metallic armonicas pitch pipes, all sizes Steel forks for tuning harpsichords, spinnets, violins, guittars, &c. Harpsichord and spinnet hammers Crow and raven quills Desks for harpsichords New-invented portable music-desks Rosin boxex, wood or ivory Mutes, brass, box, or ivory Mouth-pieces for French horns or trumpets, brass or ivory Mouth-pieces for German flutes Pens to rule music paper Ruled books of all sizes ....."

British Library


“French Horns Ear Horns Glove Horns Hunting Horns Trumpets Kettle Drums … Bassoons Tenoroons, or Vauxhumanes Bagpipes, Scotch or Irish German Flutes, Ivory, Ebony, Cocoa, and Box, tipp’d or plain Hautboys tipp’d or plain Clarinets ditto English Flutes ditto, all sizes Bird Flutes ditto Flagelets ditto Fifes of all sorts ditto Pipes and Tabors Sticcado or Metallic Armonicas Pitch Pipes, all sizes”

Longman & Broderip advertisement:



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