the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

UK: Over one century of the panpipes and tabor

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page 3 - late Victorian

18521852 sketch by Charles James Lewis 1857for May Day dancing 1857 painting, playing for acrobats 1858
1859 Londonstreet entertainers 1859
1859children's poetry book illustration 1859 1860Suburban Fair, 1860
playing for acrobats 1860 10114159 1860's photograph photograph 1860's playing for Punch and Judy c 1860
1860children's illustration, France, 1860
© photo Claude Philippot
'The Punch and Judy Show'
by T Webster mid-Victorian
1860indoor Punch and Judy show 1860
playing for street acrobats 1861 10221908 19th centuryplaying at a fair, date unknown Victorianfor puppet show
1861 Metropolitan Gossip1861Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Thursday 1 August 1861 - Page 2
1862 newspaper cutting describing Catan Hill Fair1862 newspaper cuttingWest Surrey Times - Saturday 04 October 1862
1864 ‘Outdoor Music in London’18641864 Pandean pipes
18641864 Punch magazine


"The sweeps of Ryde revived Jack-in-the-Green on May-day, and he cut the usual capers to the music of a full band, consisting of chin-pipes, drum, scrapers, and shovels. Some old ones and all young ones were amused with the grotesque display, so the venture seemed a profitable one."

The Isle of Wight Observer, 6 May 1865, page 3.
1865 a play extract 1865Prince Hassan and the gnome king; or, The lure, the cure, and the swallow! A new and original burlesque extravaganza ...
first performed at The Swiss Gardens, Shoreham, on Monday, June 5, '65, etc by John Edward ROE · 1865
1865 a play extract 1865Ulysses; or the Ironclad Warriors and the Little Tug of War by F.C. Burnand (1865).
quoted in Victorian Epic Burlesques A Critical Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Theatrical Entertainments After Homer
by Rachel Bryant Davies · 2020
1869 1869King George's Middy by William Gilbert page 293

1872 story

“.. The Pilgrims held a conversation one day, at a little breakfast in my library, on the unflagging renown of Punch, of the streets, of Punch the unconquerable vagabond! Nobody could remember an occasion when Mr. Punch's performance had fallen flat. 
…In our enthusiasm we agreed to bring him, drum and pipes and all, into the club smoking-room one evening, and have him all to ourselves, over our cigars. The night came: the room was crowded with a great company of men who knew how to laugh, and who had made up their minds to have a merry time of it. The show was as good as I have ever seen in the streets. Swift action of the puppets; a capital Toby, with a face of admirably profound melancholy; such a performer on the pipes, such a drum! But, it was a dead failure: the very dreariest night I can remember. We couldn't, and we tried hard, get up the smallest laugh." 

‘A pilgrimage’, by Gustave Dore and Blanchard Jerrold, 1872 CHAPTER XX  LONDON AT PLAY

1875 in the chuirchyard: 1875‘School days at Rugby. by an old boy’ by Hughes, Thomas

1880 newspaper commentary 1880Eastbourne Chronicle - Saturday 14 February 1880

1880 Jack in the Green: One writer, evidently privvy to covert practices among at least one set of sweeps, apparently during the years around 1880, usefully noted how:

"First of all, in priority of engagement, is the musician. He must be able to play the drum - a tolerably easy achievement, in their style of performance, I should say - and the Pandean pipes, or mouth organ ; a less easy thing to do."

1881 from: ‘Patience or Bunthornes Bridge Program – a comic opera’
(a procession of maidens. They are dancing classically, and playing on cymbals, double pipes,
and other archaic instruments.)

Let the merry cymbals sound,
Gayly pipe Pandean pleasure;..."


“.. An artful and enterprising speculator, judging that amongst the kindliest recollections of the old country,
in the hearts of those who had emigrated therefrom, Punch and Judy would occupy no mean position, had induced all the Punch men that were procurable to pack up their theatres and their drums and Pandean pipes… sign for a twelvemonth's engagement to perform in the streets of the United States of America…”

‘Mysteries of Modern London, by One of the Crowd’ by James Greenwood, [1883] - Street Entertainments

1884 1884London Evening Standard - Thursday 28 August 1884
1884 Australia 1884 AustraliaThe Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Thursday 8 May 1884 - Page 6
VictorianVictorian painting for Punch and Judy
by Sarah Louisa Kilpack
puppet booth 1860's
pot lid, Mayday dancers at the Swan Inn 1860
with Punch and Judy 1860's 1861 with Punch 1861 with Punch and Judy 1860's
1863 with Jack-in-the-Green procession 1863 1863in a rowing boat 1863

1865 Punch cartoon 1865
© Ashmolean Museum

one-man-band (mouth-organ?) 1865
1867Punch and Judy 1867 1867summer festival 1867 with fantoccini 1869
playing for street juggling c.1870
1871indoor children's party, Harper’s Weekly 1871

1872with Punch and Judy 1872 page 6

Punch and Judy Christmas card 1870's street entertainer,painting by Mulready,
date not known
with Punch and Judy 1874
1874 'London Characters' book 1874
Image copyright © Bishopsgate Institute
1874'The Original Punch and Judy' 1874 1875Punch and Judy 'bottler' for toy theatre 1875
with dancing dog 1876 Punch and Judy 1879  
unknownmusic cover (unknown date) unknownmusic cover (unknown date)  
Punch and Judy 1880
Punch and Judy 1880 10067614 Ireland 1880
1880unknown 1880? 1880Judy Magazine cartoon 1880
18811881 New Zealand, Punch and Judy satirical cartoon Supplement to: The Daily Advertiser. Wellington, 26th November 1881
1882Christmas indoor Punch and Judy show 1882 1883advertisement 1883 postcard Punch and Judy postcard 1883
1885 'Brother Bruin' by Christina Georgina Rossetti

“A dancing Bear grotesque and funny
Earned for his master heaps of money,
Gruff yet good-natured, fond of honey,
And cheerful if the day was sunny.
Past hedge and ditch, past pond and wood
He tramped, and on some common stood;
There cottage children circling gaily,
He in their midmost footed daily.
Pandean pipes and drum and muzzle
Were quite enough his brain to puzzle:…

unknown datewith Jack-in-the-Green source

1884 Parnell's Puppets 1884
© Victoria and Albert Museum
1886 publicity card, USA 1886 1887matchbox 1887
mouth organ & drum? 1887 19th century19th century drawing 1887with Punch and Judy 1887
1885 to 1892 children's magazine between 1885 and 1892 1-man band MEPL 10115751 1888with Punch and Judy 1888
with Punch and Judy 1889 1889advertisement 1889 19th centurya village street with Punch and Judy
19th century
1890with fantoccini puppets 1890 1890in drawing room 1890 (unknown origin) “Jack-in-the-Green – A May Day Scene Sixty Years Ago” by Charles Green
The Graphic May 3 1890
1892on the Richardson stage at Bartholomew Fair Smithfield, London, 1892 bottlerunknown playing for escapologist 1894 10114463
with Jack in the Green date? postcardunknown Dogs in place of humansVictorian dogs
with Punch and Toby no date 18991899 playing for an acrobat by G Green
unknownunknown unknownunknown unknownunknown
unknown dateby Smythe date unknown unknownunknown unknownunknown
unknownwith Punch and Judy, details unknown unknownwith Punch and Judy, details unknown 19th centurywith dancing bear, France

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