the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

Scotland - References in local Accounts of the 16th Century

researched by Frances
(with thanks to Pete for making me aware of the existence of these records and doing translations)

c.29 June: gift of 14.0d to William and John Pais, taborers.
March, at Stirling: gift of 27.0d to the taborer that played to the king, and the rope-dancer with him.
Easter rewards to the minstrels, at Stirling, 28 March:
36.0d to William and Pais, taborers, and a rope-dancer with them.
9.0d to Ansle, taborer.
12 June, in Melrose: 18.0d to William and Pais, taborers.
23 September: gift of 18.0d to Pais, taborer, and Bennet, fiddler.
18 December: gift of 18.0d to Adam Boyd, taborer.

Easter rewards at Edinburgh, Easter Tuesday, 13 April:
14.0d each to Adam Boyd, William, Ansle and Portwis, taborers,
Probably at Christmas, 1501-2: liveries of cloth to Ansle, taborer.

New Year rewards: 14.0d each to Adam Boyd, Ansle, William, John Portuous and a taborer of Leith, taborers.
23 January, at Stirling: 28.0d to William, taborer, and Ansle.
29 January: gift of 42.0d to William, taborer, to buy himself "quissillis".
8 February: gift of 42.0d to the men that brought in the Morris dance, and to their minstrels.
28 May: 14.0d to the taborers of the "Jacat".
7 July, on board the "barge of Dundee": 14.0d to the taborer of the said ship.
8 July, probably at Edinburgh: partly illegible payment to Ansle, taborer, for money that he won from the king.
20 July: 42.0d to Ansle, taborer, to buy himself a new tabor.
24 September: 28.0d to Ansle, taborer, to travel in Moray with the Bishop of Moray.

New Year rewards at Arbroath, 1 January
14.0d each to four trumpeters, three luters, four harpers, two taborers and three fiddlers
5 March: 14.0d to the taborer of Sir George Lauder.
10 April, at the Kirk of Kile: 7.0d to a taborer following the king.
Easter rewards at Stirling on Easter Tuesday, 18 April:
14.0d each to the five trumpeters; to William, Ansle and Lord Hamilton's taborer;
c.8-9 May, at Dumfries: 28.0d to pipers and taborers there.
16 May, in Bargany: 14.0d to the taborer there. 14.0d to Ansle, taborer.
2 October: 42.0d to the cornett-player, to buy himself "Quissilles"

September 1504 - Treasurer's Accounts when the king was at Dumfries
Cuddy Rig (the Dumfries Fool) appears to have taken " the tabroun " of a tabroner who accompanied the king, and who was given 28s. in recompense for the instrument by the king's command

1st January 1507 - Treasurer's Accounts
payment of ten pounds eleven shillings made to sixty-three persons, who included " menstralis, trumpetis, tambroneris, fithelaris, lutaris, harperis, clarscharis, and piparis."
James IV. encouraged and recompensed minstrels from Italy, tabroners from France, and harpers, pipers, and trumpeters from England.

Records of the Incorporation of Hammermen of Edinburgh 1494 to 1558
1503 'Item For Robart our talberours jacat of all costinain for maid till him xj s
for a pair of hois of red caesay till him viij s j d

1505 Item given to Gilzand talberour on corpus xpi day & ye octave day ..... X s

1540 to Jakis & his marrois on ye octave day oft new at ye m rs qumand .... v cr
[Jakis is the French taborer; is his marrois a morris side? ]

"to the tabroner apon Thursday ye xvj day of Jan r in ye procession w* ye sacrement v cr o r pairt . xxx d
To twa men yat bur o r baners . ij cr  
To Henry Lorymor for his laubors to play apon ye swas all yis zeir . x cr "


1573 - Accounts of the Burgh of Glasgow ( Also)
"2 Septembris, gevin to Robert Duncane, tabroner, at the command of ye
pronest, baillies, and coansle, as the rolmont beris to by him claythis, v"

[Given to Robert Duncane, tabroner, at the command of the provost, baillies and counsel as it says in the above to buy him clothes ]

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