the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

UK terminology

16th century

1. 1530 English / French Dictionary
by John Palsgrave

John Palsgrave (c 1480 - 1551) composed a dictionary to help Englishmen learn French. 'L'esclarcissement de la langue francoyse', printed in London, was written in English and gives French translations of useful phrases.
Pipe and tabor-related phrases:

p 659
p 746

p 658


John Palsgrave was a priest at Henry VIII's court and became tutor to Princess Mary Tudor in 1513 in England.
With her marriage to Louis XII of France he accompanied her to Paris. By 1516 he had moved to Louvain.
In 1525 he was appointed tutor to Henry's illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy. 

2. taber

1530 In a dispute about who owns a woodland:

“… Woodford in most cruel and unlawful manner sent to a 'mynstrell called a taberer'
to take his taber and to go 'pypyng into the seyd maner place.' The minstrel refused,…”

A History of the County of Buckingham: Volume 3. Parishes: Dorney

1611 Freefolk, Hampshire; Sir Richard Paulet's Household Accounts:
 "to speede for playing on ye taber    xij d"

'1612 Peter Hales, taberer' was fined 20s for keeping an unlicensed tippling house in the town in 1614.

1613 “…at Kelvedon, Easterford, Colchester, John Ayly, an alehouse-keeper, was presented
in the archdeacon's court:
`for suffering of a fiddler to play with taber and pipe in his house upon the 9 of May, being the sabbath day,
in time of divine service'.”

J. A. Sharpe in `Crime and delinquency in an Essex parish 1600-1640' (in Crime in England 1550-1800, ed J.S .Cockburn (1977), 90-109






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